Pediatric Services

We provide pediatric healthcare from birth to age 21, including:

Wellness visits

Same-day sick appointments

Annual sports physicals

Pre-camp check-ups

ADD/ADHD evaluation and treatment

Surgical and Dental Clearance Visits

Comprehensive Asthma Care

After-hours care with our nurse triage line

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Well Child

Visit Timeline

Age 0 – 11 Months

2–3 days

Post hospital discharge after birth

2 weeks

Regular Check-Up

2 months


4 months


6 months


9 months

Formal Developmental Milestone Evaluation**

Age 12 – 23 Months

12 months


15 months


18 months

Formal Developmental Milestone Evaluation**, Autism Screening, and Vaccines*

Age 2 Years +

2 years

Formal Developmental Milestone Evaluation** and Autism Screening

2½ years

Formal Developmental Milestone Evaluation** and Autism Screening

3 years

Regular Check-Up


Around every birthday
until 21 years of age***


*Following the traditional vaccination guidelines.

**Milestones will be assessed at each Well Child Exam; however, at the visits marked with a **, parents will complete formal assessment and screening tools to help us better gauge your child’s development.

***Mandated school vaccination boosters are given at age 4 (or prior to starting Pre-K/Kindergarten) and age 11 (or prior to starting Middle School).